Episode 193

Confidently Doing a Stupid Thing

Chapter 3: The Dursleys Departing - This episode features a special guest: Tara's fan!!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ (It's summer, y'all, and global warming is REAL).

It's our last chapter with the Dursleys and we are not sad about it. So then it's our last chance to discuss just how shitty Vernon Dursley is...but we also get to spend some time talking about how Dudley has changed for the better. Also, it is treasonous that they filmed the scene where Dudley and Harry say goodbye to each other and then they DIDN'T PUT IT IN THE FUCKING FILM🙄

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Tara proposed the idea of Basic Snitches to her future co-host, Adam Bowers in 2018. Basic Snitches launched in May of 2019. In July of 2020, she guest starred on the (at the time) brand new podcast, Podcast in Death (a deep discussion on the In Death Series by JD Robb) and soon after was invited to join as a co-host. While Tara keeps busy with her love of hiking, pet sitting and performing and volunteering for local theaters, she is always looking forward to creating new content with deep discussion and analysis through the art of podcasting. Outside of her hobbies, she has been coaching Speech and Debate for 18 years and works in administration for a children's hospital.